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Preparing for the Journey!

Preparing your horse for transport is an important part of ensuring a safe and stress-free journey. When working with a professional horse transport company, there are several steps you can take to prepare your horse for transport:

  1. Book Early: Book your horse transport early to ensure availability and to allow plenty of time to prepare your horse for the journey.

  2. Communicate with the Transport Company: Communicate with the horse transport company to discuss the details of the journey, including pick-up and drop-off times, the route, and any special requirements or instructions for your horse.

  3. Schedule a Vet Check-Up: Schedule a veterinary check-up before the journey to ensure your horse is healthy and fit to travel. Your veterinarian can also provide recommendations for any medications or supplements that may be necessary during transport.

  4. Prepare Your Horse: Prepare your horse for transport by gradually increasing its exposure to the trailer and getting your horse accustomed to the sights and sounds of travel. Practice loading and unloading your horse, and use positive reinforcement to reward good behavior.

  5. Pack Adequate Supplies: Pack enough hay, grain, water, and other supplies for the journey, and make sure to pack any medications or supplements recommended by your veterinarian.

  6. Label Your Horse's Equipment: Label all of your horse's equipment, including its halter, lead rope, and any blankets or sheets, with your horse's name and contact information.

  7. Meet the Transport Company: Be present when the transport company arrives to pick up your horse. This allows you to meet the driver, confirm the details of the journey, and help load your horse into the trailer.

By working with a professional horse transport company and following these tips, you can help ensure a safe and stress-free journey for your horse during transport.

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