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Getting your Horse Ready for 


Do you feed my Horse Grain/Pellets/Concentrate on the Truck?

No.  We prefer to not feed any concentrate on the truck.  The reason for this is, if your horse is not drinking enough water while on the truck (which is a fairly common occurrence) and we feed it concentrate, we are asking for an impaction colic.  However, there are exceptions to this rule, and if your horse REQUIRES nourishment or medication with food, special accommodations can be made.

Can I ship Tack with my Horse?

Yes, One standard trunk and one saddle are included complimentary. If you need more moved, please message us for a quote. 

What Paperwork do I need to have my Horse Moved? 

All Equine Transports require a Health Inspection within 30 days and a Current Coggins Test. The Health inspection must include Temperature and an accession number from the Coggins Test. 

Does my Horse need a Brand Inspection? 

A horse only needs a Brand Inspection if it is LEAVING one of the brand inspection states.  The states that require a Brand Inspection are Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.  Also, the Brand Inspection has nothing to do with whether your horse has an actual brand or not.  It has to do with making sure that the animal has permission to leave and cross state lines.  (Although, it does date back to older times when the only form of ownership a rancher had, was branding his horses and cattle.)  Therefore, to obtain a Brand Inspection, you must search for the brand inspector in your region, call them to schedule a time to come out, and have the proper paperwork required for them.  However, there is a limited window of time before the trip that this must happen, unless you purchase a “lifetime” Brand Inspection.  For more information for horses leaving:

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